So today I was wearing my night vale shirt during a short family outing at Ben and Jerry’s and I was stopped by this fantastic person who TURNED OUT TO BE CECIL FROM NIGHT VALE.
And he was so so nice and his voice was just as amazing in person and I might’ve flipped a little bit but he asked my name and wanted a picture with me and I got a picture with him and I literally spent the rest of the day grinning and bouncing like the small child I really am.
I’m a little sad because I was caught so completely off guard that I didn’t really manage to articulate how much I love night vale and also how much it meant to me as a queer person the way they’ve developed Cecil and Carlos’ relationship.
However at the end of the day I can’t be too upset because I met Cecil!!!! And it was maybe one of the best things ever to happen to me.



can you imagine

you just decide to put on that shirt one day

then you go and get ice cream later

and then out of nowhere

you hear




Screenshot from the GISHWHES rules.
Basically Misha made it a rule that we could not self harm for the week.
I love this man so much.

but their grandparents



oh my god guys you need to watch this, now

best thing ever ok bye



got stabbed today

i got my ear pierced four days ago and i can already lay on it i just

i’m so happy bc my other one hurt so much and swelled so bad and still gives me trouble even though i got it done last november and this one hardly hurts at all 




Just watch it. Watch all of them. Go pee first.

These make me laugh so hard.


Are you that damn hungry right now


oh my god this is so perfect


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No Straight Pride: Why is there a Gay Pride?

Video here: [x]

This is important.


Just lovely :) #setlock



Radar Detector {A Cecil/Carlos fanmix}||A mix by ghostunx 

{Maybe you’d be kidnapped by pirates, and they will take you to their hideout (as pirates often do), But I’d find the secret map and I would vigilante bushwhack through the jungles of Peru just to save you.} 


  • 1.Like or Like Like||Miniature Tigers
  • 2. AWWWKWAARRRDDD (ft. Kate Na$h)||FIDLAR
  • 3. Closer||Tegan and Sara
  • 4. Faster||Matt Nathanson
  • 5. Radar Detector||Darwin Deez
  • 6. Are You Gonna Be My Girl||Jet
  • 7. We Could Be Friends||Freelance Whales
  • 8. Hum Along||Ludo
  • 9. I Am a Monster||Tinyfolk
  • 10. First Date||Blink-182
  • 11.Alive With the Glory of Love||Say Anything
  • 12. 7 Minutes in Heaven (Atavan Halen)||Fall Out Boy
  • 13.Perfect Two||Auburn

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we heard how it went from Cecil’s point of view, but I wanted to get Carlos’ as well.

[[version without text]]

coughs reblogs again cuz its cute and im still very proud of it coughs


POST-REICHENBACH→ John can’t sleep and he’s thinking about Sherlock’s laptop, that he could left him there some clue about  Moriarty. He’s trying to guess the password and suddenly an idea came to his mind.